Experience and innovation;
the larger-than-life combo.

Our creative process stems from the simple things of life, bringing about perfect harmony of history with our present and future, transforming it into flavors and fragrances that are memorable.
We align ourselves to your needs with proposals and ideas open to become mutual growing opportunities with a relentless commitment for innovation and the most modern technologies.
Our industry constantly poses new challenges and encourages us to explore all the possibilities and combinations that nature has to offer.


Frallier is the evolution of Aceites
Essencefleur, a company with 80
years of history that renews itself to
meet the needs of flavors and
fragrances for the beverage, food,
home care, laundry care, personal
care and fine fragrance industries in
both Mexico and the United States.

Our evolution


Aceites y Esencias is founded.

Devoted to the manufacturing of concentrates and flavors. Trading raw materials for carbonated soft drinks.


Essencefleur de México is established.

Boosting fragrances development and creation.


Aceites y Esencias merge with Essencefleur de México: resulting in Grupo Aceites Essencefleur.

A larger and more modern production plant is built.


Grupo Aceites Essencefleur changes its corporate name and identity to Frallier, with a focus on innovation to win over current consumers with diverse lifestyles in Mexico and the United States.


Frallier is a Mexican company with international presence that gives glory to God by creating flavor, smell and color to brighten people's lives. We stand out by being a close ally for our clients from across the globe, providing an innovative and sustainable approach rooted in and guided by our strong chore-values.

At Frallier our relentless source of inspiration is Faith and we recognize God as the utmost foundation for our existence, from where we glean the passion we put in our work, the genuine interest in family and fellow-man, as well as the all-pervading justice and honesty in everything we do.

A positive view of the present and people allows us to harness our talent to create solutions aimed at helping our clients achieve their goals and procure a better future for us all.


At Frallier we firmly believe that love is the only timeless feeling and that it sets a company and a family apart; just as it sets a supplier and an ally apart.
That is why, from our beginnings and to this day, love is the underlying inspiring force that moves us to bring the best of Creation to creations that enrich people's lives.


Even as our capabilities, technologies, and production volume continue to grow, we strive to preserve human values that bring us even closer together to our clients to whom we offer a fraternal, close, and warm treatment that guides us to put all our resources at the service of their satisfaction.


We are a well-established company pursuant to the regulations of national and international organizations, such as: Codex Alimentarius, COFEPRIS, European Community, FDA, IOFI, NOM, Mercosur Regulations.

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