Creating the extraordinary

We defy the established from a place of creativity and set ourselves out to imagine and innovate from an honest spirit and the frankness of love.


Close your eyes and recall your favorite candy
from your childhood - yes- we created that flavor.


Rain, forest, citrus, summer afternoon,
blossoming flowers - yes- we create
memories too.


Conceive and bring to live the personality of your

Clients that choose Frallier

At Frallier we consider ourselves fortunate to be part of God's unfolding by allowing us to cast emotions that will linger in people’s heart.

We are a strong and creativity-driven Mexican company with solid values with market presence of over 80 years. Our inspiration stems from the simplest and most ordinary things in life, working with that as our clay and transforming it into flavors and fragrances that will linger in the memory of people, our clients, and your consumers.

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Frallier ™ 2021